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Author Topic: Need some review's  (Read 924 times)


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Need some review's
« on: July 21, 2011, 10:12:09 PM »
I was just thinking, seeing as I promised you, rac, that I would not promote beyond rookie without having been checked(when may I without?), why not create an area of names to be reviewed.
I was thinking this would be mainly for mod's and MB's when they are having to deal with guests and rookies. Although, I did have to deal with some as an arch....
So whatever. Also, an area where we can post who we promoted and to what rank and for what. To help keep from someone getting promoted for the same build by two different ops and up. Shall I create this? or do you want to make a whole new tab for this Rac? And I know you have your "rank promotion" area, but something a little more decisive than that.

But I do have one name:
miereko is applying for builder, he has the kitchen items in freebuild 1. I do not know who promoted him to rookie, I may of for all I can remember...but I do not feel it is worthy of a rank(just not enough there). Anyone else is free to come and check his buildings and give your thoughts.

Also, junaidkhowaja was promoted by me to rookie for his church in freebuild 1.
And, I don't mean to have broken our promise rac, but I went ahead and promoted caspercat5 to builder for his church in freebuild4. It is the big white building in the side with the yellow pyramid thingy blocking my road way. I promoted him because peng and glenk though he deserved it as well.
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