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new commands
« on: March 25, 2011, 07:05:48 PM »
as the title are saying there are some new commands here are all the commands


abort (shortcut = a) [Builder+] - Cancels every personal self-set toggle or block-action (e.g., /water, /cuboid, /paint)

about (shortcut = b) [Guest+] - Shows the details of the block selected.

afk [message] [Guest+] - Toggle: adds self to the AFK list with an optional [message].

ban [#/@] [player] [OP+] - Bans [player] without kicking them.

banip [ip/player] (shortcut = bi) [OP+] - Bans [ip] or the IP of [player].

bind [block1] [block2] [Advbuilder+] - Binds [block1] to [block2].

blocks [Guest+] - Lists all basic block types.

blockset [block] [rank] [OP+] - Sets the [rank] allowed to build [block].

botadd [bot] [SuperOP] - Adds [bot] of the name specified.

botai [add/del] [AIname] [extra] (shortcut = bai) [Advbuilder+] - Adds or deletes [AIname].

botremove [bot] [SuperOP] - Removes [bot].

bots [Builder+] - Lists all bots, their AIs, and current levels.

botset [bot] [script] [Advbuilder+] - Sets [bot] to perform [script].

botsummon [bot] [SuperOP] - Summons [bot] to the current spo

clearblockchanges [mapname] (shortcut = cbc) [SperOP] - Clears the MySQL table for [mapname], making /about much faster for that map. Default is current map.

  • [y] [z] (shortcut = x) [Guest+] - Simulates a click at the coordinates given.

clones [player] [Advbuilder+] - Shows everyone on the same IP address as [player]. Default is for self.

cmdbind [command] [0-9] (shortcut = cb) [Builder+] - Binds [command] to the number

cmdcreate [command] [SuperOP] - Creates a custom command file "Cmd[command].cs" in the "extra\commands\source" folder. From there the file may be edited.

cmdload cmd[command] [Nobody] - Loads custom command file "Cmd[command].dll" in the "extra\commands\dll" folder.

cmdset [command] [rank] [SuperOP] - Sets the [rank] allowed to use [command].

cmdunload [command] [Nobody] - Unloads the custom [command].

compile cmd[command] [SuperOP] - Compiles the custom command file "Cmd[command].cs" from the "source" folder to create "Cmd[command].dll" in the "dll" folder.

olor [player] [color] [OP+] - Changes the color [player]s name and title.

  • (shortcut = c) [Advbuilder+] - Copies the selected area between two points (except air).

ctf [setup] [SuperOP] - Begins, ends, or sets up a game of capture the flag.

cuboid [block] [type] (shortcut = z) [Builder+] - Cuboids the area between two points.

delete (shortcut = d) [Advbuilde+] - Toggle: deletes any special block clicked (MBs, portals, tnt, etc).

deletelvl [mapname] [SuperOP] - Deletes the level specified, also deleting the database entries for the level.

devs [Banned+] - Shows the list of server-software developers

emote (shortcut = [3) [Banned+] - Toggles whether or not emoticons are shown for the player using it.

fill [block] [type] (shortcut = f) [Advbuilder+] - Replaces blocks of the same type that are touching clicked block with [block].

fixgrass [type] [SuperOP] - Fixes dirt and grass based on [type].

flipheads [OP+] - Toggle: flips all players heads into their bodies. A gag.

fly [Guest+] - Toggle: enables flying by placing a 5x5x2 glass block beneath players feet, which moves to follow the player.

  • [player] [OP+] - Toggle: hides, then follows [player]. Appears jittery, unless fly is on. Then it works fine. Typing # will follow without hiding.

freeze [player] [OP+] - Toggle: freezes [player] so they cannot move. Appears jittery, but does the job.

give [player] [amount] (shortcut = gib) [SuperOP] - Gives [player] [amount] of money.

goto [mapname](shortcut = g) [Guest+] - Goes to the specified map

gun [type] [Advbuilder+] - Toggle: makes a 4x4x4 glass targeting cube for firing a gun and killing players. [type] includes:

hacks [Banned+] - Gives you the ability to fly and Super speed

hasirc (shortcut = irc) [Banned+] - Tells whether the server has IRC active. If so, the server and channel are given.

help [type] [Banned+] - Lists commands in a structured manner

hide [OP+] - Toggle: hides the user from the players.

highlight [player] [time] [Advbuilder+] - Highlights blocks edited by [player] for the last [time] seconds.

hollow [block] [Builder+] - Removes all blocks except liquids and [block] (if given) as well as blocks immediately next to them, so they will not flood.

host (shortcut = zall) [Banned+] - Shows what the host is doing (if they update it).

imageprint [type] [layer] [file] (shortcut = i) [SuperOP] - Prints file as pixel art.

inbox [Guest+] - Displays a list of all your mail.

info [Banned+] - Gives server-specific information on the version

invincible [player] [OP+] - Toggle: makes [player] invincible to killer blocks.

jail [player] [OP+] - Jails [player], who can then not build or use commands.

  • [player] [OP+] - Causes the player to become a joker, making them say silly things.

kick [player] [message] (shortcut = k) [Advbuilder+ - Kicks [player] from the server and displays [message], if any.

kickban [player] [message] (shortcut = kb) [OP+] - Kicks and bans [player] in one go and displays [message], if any.

kill [player] [explode] [message] [OP+] - Kills [player] and displays [message], if any.

lastcmd [player] (shortcut = last) [OP+] - Shows the last command used by [player].

levels [Guest+] - Shows a list of loaded levels and their physics levels, but not unloaded ones.

limit [rank] [limit] [SuperOP] - Sets [rank]s building command to [limit]

line [num] [block] [wall] [Builder+] - Draw a line between the two specified points.

load [mapname] [1-4] [OP+] - Loads [mapname] with given physics level.

lowlag [OP+] - Toggle: activates low-lag mode.

map [type] [Guest+] - Views all the map information for the current map.

mapinfo [mapname] (shortcut = status) [Banned+] - Displays [mapname], its dimensions, physics level, build and visit ranks, and time of last backup.

me [message] [Banned+] - Shows yourself as doing an action for roleplay purposes.

missile [type] [Advbuilder+] - Makes a 4x4x4 targeting cube for firing missiles and killing players.

mode [block] [Guest+] - Activates the "mode" for [block], making all blocks placed to be [block].

moderate [OP+] - Mutes all players. Only those who are "/voice"-ed may speak.

  • [y] [z] [Banned+] - Moves self to the given coordinates.

museum [mapname] [backup] [Guest+] - Moves the player to [mapname] as it was during the [backup] number entered.

mute [player] [OP+] - Toggle: mutes [player].

newlvl [mapname]
  • [y] [z] [type] [SuperOP] - Create a new map.

opchat [Advbuilder+] - Makes all mesages OPchat messages.

ops [Banned+] - Lists all the OPs of the server.

outline [block1] [block2] [Advbuilder+] - Outlins all [block1] with [block2] la cuboid style.

paint (shortcut = p) [Builder+] - Toggles paint mode, where all deleted blocks are replaced with currently selected block.

paste (shortcut = v) [Advbuilder+] - Pastes the copied object.

pause [mapname] [seconds] [OP+] - Will pause the physics on the map entered for the amount of seconds entered, without actually clearing the physics.

pay [player] [amount] [Banned+] - Pays [amount] of money to [player]. You must have money to pay.

pcount [Banned+]-Shows the # of player(s) online.

perbuild [mapname] [rank] [OP+] - Changes the build [rank] for the specified map.

pervisit [mapname] [rank] [OP+] - Changes the visit [rank] for the specified map.

physics [mapname] [level] [OP+] - Changes the physics [level] for the specified map

place [block] [Guest+] - Places the specified block at your feet.

players [Guest+] - Displays every connected user their rank, and their current map.

portal (shortcut = o) [Advbuilder+] - Activates portal mode, where you place an entry block followed by an ext.

rainbow [Advbuilder+]-Makes a rainbow.

redo [Guest+] - Redoes the previously done "/undo".

renamelvl [mapname] [newname] [SuperOP] - Renames a [mapname] completely, even renaming the databases and level properties.

repeat [Guest+] - Repeats last command used.

replace [block1] [block2] (shortcut = r) [Advbuiler+] - Replaces all blocks of type [block1] with [block2].

replaceall [block1] [block2] [SuperOP] - Replaces all blocks of type [block1] on the map with [block2].

replacenot [block1] [block2] (shortcut = rn) [Advbuilder+] - Exact opposite of Replace, replaces every block that isnt specified with block2.

resetbot [OP+] - Resets the IRC bot.

restart [SuperOP]-Restarts the server.

restartphysics (shortcut = rp) [Advbuilder+] - Restarts the physics of every block within two points (cuboid style).

restore [backup number] [OP+] - Restores the ma to a previous state.

reveal [player] [Advbuildr+] - Reveals the map to [player]. Works on banned players.

ride [Guest+] - Activates Train riding mode, which allows he user to ride on trains.

roll [min] [max] [OP+] - Rolls a random number between [min] and [max].

rules [Banned+] - Lists the server rules.

save [OP+] - Saves the current map to .lvl form.

say [message] [OP+] - Sends a severwide message.

send [player] [message] [Builder+] - Sends mail to [player].

serverreport [SuperOP] - Gives a current report on computer usage for the server, and shows total threads being used.

setrank [player] [rank] [OP+] - Changes the specified users rank.

setspawn [OP+] - Sets the spawn for the map.

slap [player] [Advbuilder+] - Slaps [player] up to the ceiling.

spawn [Banned+] - Teleports to the spawn point of the map.

spheroid (shortcut = e) [Builder+] - Creates a 2D circle or 3D sphere between the two points.

spin [Advbuilder+] - Spins the copied object.

stairs [Advbuilder+] - Create a spiral staircase to the height specified.

static [command] (shortcut = t) [Advbuilder+] - Makes [command] turn into a toggle.

store [Advbuilder+]

summon [player] (shortcut = s) [Advbuilder+] - Summons the specified user to self

take [player] [amount] [SuperOP] - Takes [amount] of money from [player].

tempban [player] [time] [Builder+] -Bans [player] for [time] minutes.

text [block] [Advbuilder+] - Creates text out of [block] in direction specified.

time [Banned+] - Gives the current server time.

timer [time] [message] [OP+] - Displays a message at set intervals for the given time.

title [player] [title] [SuperOP] - Gives [player] the title of [title].

tnt [Builder+] - Activates TNT mode, which places explodeable TNT blocks when Physics is on HARDCORE.

tp [player] [Builder+] - Teleports to the user given.

tpzone [id]

    tree [type] [Builder+] - Grows a randomly sized tree on the spot clicked.

    trust [player] [OP+] - Turns off anti-grief for [player].

    unban [player] [OP+] - Unbans the given user.

    unbanip [ip] [OP+] - Unbans the given IP.

    undo [seconds] (shortcut = u) [Guest+] - undoes the previously specified number of seconds.

    unload [mapname] [OP+] - Unloads the specified map, moving anyone on it to Main.

    unloaded [Guest+] - Lists all unloaded levels.

    update [Advbuilder+] - Checks for new updates on the server software.

    view [Banned+]

    viewranks [rank] [Guest+]

    voice [player] [OP+] - Allows [player] to speak during "/moderate".

    whisper [player] [Guest+] - Makes all messages whispers.

    whoip [OP+]

    whois [player][Banned+] - Shows player-specific information.

    whowas [player] [Banned+] - Shows who somebody who has logged out was.

    write [OP+]-Writes [message] in blocks.

    zone [OP+] - Modifies or finds zones in an area (zones are areas which can only be modified by the group/person theyre given to, or a superOP)

    New  Features

    all new commands have a custom rank to be set.

    /Botwait: Forces a bot to wait.

    /changelog: Shows a list of the changes made to the server-software.

    /combination of /compile and /cmdload.

    /ddurl: gives you the direct link url (without the server IP).

    /fakepay: "fake" pay someone money.

    /fakerank: "fake" give someone a rank.

    /globalcls: Like playercls only it clears it for everyone.

    /high5: lets you high-five someone.

    /home: sends you to the mainlevel.

    /Impersonate [name] : Allows you to send a chat message under the name of another person.

    /money: Shows how much servermoney a player has.

    /news: reads server news from file "news.txt".

    /ohide [name] : lets you force another op to use /hide

    /Ozone [name/rank]-Zones a entire map

    /pCinema: Plays up to 99 frames of animation.

    /playercls: Clears users screen with a spam of periods.

    /Ragequit: Kicks you with the message " ragequitted!"

    /SCinema: Saves a frame that can be played using /pCinema.

    /sendcmd: Forces a player to use a command

    /serverinfo: Shows information about the server.

    /spider: A spider mob.

    /topten: Lists top ten stats for a number of catagories.

    /warn: sends a warning to a player.

    /xban: Undos a players actions, bans them, ipbans them, then kicks them

    /xhide: enter hide mode without sending "-TO OPS- Playername is now invisible"

    /xundo: Undos all of a players actions.

    /zz: shortcut for /static cuboid [type] .[/list]
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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #1 on: March 25, 2011, 07:15:15 PM »
    Nice one god  ;D Though you might as well make /zone for ops now as well and gimme /xhide!  ;)
    -Not cocky, just confident =P-


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #2 on: March 26, 2011, 01:48:10 AM »
    /fakerank: "fake" give someone a rank.

    /Impersonate [name] : Allows you to send a chat message under the name of another person.

    /ohide [name] : lets you force another op to use /hide

    /sendcmd: Forces a player to use a command
    *evil grin*


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #3 on: March 26, 2011, 04:32:41 PM »
    new commands are gone already..


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #4 on: March 26, 2011, 08:07:42 PM »
    I'm trying to use fill and it says only sop! Darn. It was useful. XD
    The reason why it is for superop is cus with fill you can crash the server


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #5 on: March 29, 2011, 07:04:09 AM »
    I'm trying to use fill and it says only sop! Darn. It was useful. XD
    The reason why it is for superop is cus with fill you can crash the server
    Depends on how you use it really...I never crashed the server when I used /fill XD...only use "/fill layer" any other /fill would most likely crash the server


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #6 on: March 29, 2011, 09:10:01 AM »
    Hmmh i think we need to make cuboid a superop rank too :P, then all buildings would be hard work. :P


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #7 on: March 31, 2011, 02:59:59 PM »
    thats a good thing KFC  ;D


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #8 on: April 01, 2011, 08:38:36 PM »
    that guy is KFC  ?

    mhh.... that was deliciouce =D ( geuss wut i eat ?)


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #9 on: April 02, 2011, 06:37:34 PM »
    lol  ;D


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #10 on: April 04, 2011, 10:00:38 AM »
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    this is what it means :o


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #11 on: April 04, 2011, 10:01:44 AM »
    lol bit unexpected :P


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #12 on: April 04, 2011, 05:46:56 PM »
    Lol agreed  :P
    -Not cocky, just confident =P-


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    Re: Frozen The Movie
    « Reply #13 on: June 11, 2011, 12:59:37 PM »
    i think it would be handy if about was for advbuilder then you can already help a bit with searching for griefers
    omggg coolest server ever!!! greetzios from jarnomc


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #14 on: June 14, 2011, 06:35:37 PM »
    Why is kick for mods? if advbuilders see some griefers . . .


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #15 on: June 14, 2011, 06:38:42 PM »
    kick got abused, or they kicked to fast thats why it went up again


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    Re: new commands
    « Reply #16 on: July 02, 2011, 12:50:22 AM »
    so i can use about????


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