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request unban / Hey Guyzzz i might be backzzzzzzz
« on: July 25, 2012, 03:05:08 PM »
heya pps its virtual here... incase u didnt realise... i havnt been on in a while =/
ye... sorry.. so i thought maybe i should explain why ^^.
at first it was just gonna be for a few weeks, while i studied for my GCSE exams... (ofc if you know me, you'd know study for me, consists of sleep, procrastination and ... ''reading'') once my exams had finished i planned to spend my entire holidays online... welll.. then my school told us we had another 3 weeks of doing nothing for no reason
. >.> so i had a shizzle ton of homework. now... i cant remember the last time i did homework before the due date so while my parents cut off my internet (for other reasons) i spent 3 weeks doin nothing.

then i found out i was going to spain for a holiday with my family which... was exiting and all... but means i couldnt come online... and still cant since im still in spain... but i should be back in a few days. so hooray i guess...

sadly, i wont be playing as much as i used to, i'm planning to start taking life a bit more seriously, by practicing what i love to do and studying... or trying to..

so... its been a while, but i should be back to help the server out, some point this week... hoorayzuz.

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